Josie the Builder

Last night Jared gave Josie some soft blocks as an early birthday present.  It's hard to say for sure, but I think she likes them:

(I love how she squeals and raises her arms in victory when she's successful.  I have no idea where she got that from, but I'm pretty sure it's the cutest thing ever in the history of block-stacking babies. Closely rivaled by spontaneous clapping, naturally.)

Blue Striped Dress


It's almost warm enough here in NYC to start wearing this dress again, and I'm pretty excited about it. I think the dress is, too--it's been waiting long enough! I bought this fabric on ridiculous clearance from at the end of summer of 2010. By summer of 2011, I was convinced that it was meant to be a dress. A full skirted glory of horizontal stripes. Jared was not as convinced. He thought that many stripes on any one person was probably a bad idea. So I hesitated. But near the end of the summer I stumbled across a Kate Spade dress, full-skirted and striped from neck to knees--just the vindication I needed to pull out my fabric scissors.


I got to work, and finished up this happy frock just in time for (a) fall and (b) pregnancy.  So, needless to say, this lightweight cotton, tight-waisted dress hasn't gotten a lot of use. (I think I only managed to wear it one or two times before the winter chill and my expanding waistline forced it into hibernation.)


But finally, my waist and the weather are permitting me to put it back into rotation, and I'm so glad--it's one of my favorite things I've sewn. I like the way it fits, the stripe-matching makes me proud (check out the chevroning on the side seam--pretty awesome, right?), and the bold stripes are really fun to wear.


The pattern I used is Simplicity 2444. I scooped the back neckline a bit, and shortened the sleeves, but overall it was a great pattern and fit really well.

Gratuitous Josie picture below. (Because, really, how could I not? That face!!!)